Q & A

Name:  Jose Raul Maldonado, Jr.

Birthday:  August 28th

Color:  Dodger Blue

Phrase:  "Talent borrows, genius steals"

Food:  Vanilla Ice Cream

Drink: Corona with lime

Place:  Southern California in the blazing hot summer

Moment:  Onstage at the House of Blues

Sound:  Guitar feedback done right

Taste:  French-kissing a lady who's just had a Malibu Rum and Coke

Look:  Nightclub with a nice pair of shoes

Dream:  live at Universal Ampitheatre

Music:  Rock and roll from all eras

Material:  Velour

Word:  Threesome

Book:  The Long Hard Road out of Hell by Marylin Manson

Animal:  PUSSYcat

Insect:  Ladybug

Fish:  Largemouth bass

Bird:  Swallow

Tree:  The Mighty Oak

Flower:  Gardenias - because growing up, the gardenia bush in my back yard used to bloom every
             year on the week before summer vacation

Thing:  Summer

Smell:  Chocolate chip cookies baking

Film:  Pulp Fiction

Sport:  Baseball

Picture:  Me and my brothers at ages 4, 3, and 1 because it's my earliest memory

TV Show:  The Simpsons

Group:  My Community Theatre Group "ELATE"

Number:  57

Pastime:  Excercise

Person:  Tisha

Love:  The Los Angeles Dodgers

And Hate:  The San Francisco Giants

Least Favorite Word:  No

Curse Word:  the F-word

Describe Yourself In 13 Words:  A lover of  music whose quality he is most proud of is loyalty

Describe The Others In 13 Words: Brian:  A talented, young, shy musician whose most exciting
                                                               days are still to come.

                                                   Carlos: A talented musician who can drink his weight in Mountain
                                                               Dew Code Red