Q & A

Name:  Carlos

Birthday:  June 12

Color:  since black isn't really a "color", I'll say Midnight Blue,  but really...black!

Phrase:  "Whatever! You're White, You Know Everything!"

Food:  Italian and my mothers Chicken Casserole

Drink:  Redrum, Bacardi O and coke, Bacardi Silver, or Midori Sour, and  Mountain Dew
           Code Red!!!

Place:  Deserted beach or cemetary

Moment:  Just before....

Sound:  wind,  laughter. a kiss

Taste:  Chocolate and Mountain Dew Code Red!!!

Look:  of Love, or a real, genuine smile

Dream:  the kind I remember

Music:  Rock, Classical, some Jazz, Swing, Electronic...

Material:  Velvet, cotton

Word:  yes

Book:  anything by Poe

Animal:  Bat

Insect:  none

Fish:  Bala Shark (I had them as a kid)

Bird:  Eagle, Hawk, Raven

Tree:  Weeping Willow,  Jaqaranda (not sure of the spelling)

Flower:  Black Rose, Jasmine

Thing:  sky

Smell:  patchouli,  jasmine

Film:  don't make me choose,  anything by Tim Burton

Sport:  OK

Picture:  Munch's "The Scream",  anything by Dali, and the one in my mind

TV show:  Looney Tunes, Invader Zim, Cheaters, X-Files etc...

Group:  Duh!!!   also,  The Cure (where this questionaire is taken from), Oingo Boingo, Social D,
            umm...Oh forget it,  too many to mention!

Number:  22 (not really but I needed to chose something)

Pastime:  movies, concerts, or time on the computer.

Person:  those who inspire me

Love:  the idea of

And Hate:  very little

Least Favorite Word:  fall

Curse Word:  Bastard!

Describe Yourself In 13 Words:  dork x6, odd x6, confusing

Describe The Others In 13 Words:  dorks x13  (just kidding)
                                                    dedicated, disorganized, dysfunctional, intelligent, moronic, fun,
                                                     just plain cool.